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  • Ginseng /

    It will affect your life in a good way.

    Your muscular and joint pains will end with the panacea Red Korea Ginseng.

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    Healthy Herbal Teas

    We piece taste, quality and naturally produced tea together in the most healthy way.

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    Special For You

    We blend the best coffee beans for you.

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Who Are We

Our company was established in January of 2015 in Konya/ TURKEY. Our chairman of the board is Mr. Mahmut ŞANLI. While we are considering about the aim of a big brand; we also determine medical, cosmetic, food and textile industries as our main subject of activity.

Our Brand

Our registered trade mark is ‘’FROMUS’’ ; besides we continue our branding process in cosmetic and food industries.


KTO – Konya Chamber of Commerce : Trade Register Number : 46705

Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock : Business Enterprise Register Number : TR-42-K-018045

Middle Anatolia Exporters Association) : Registration Number : 9/42837

Konya Meram Tax Office : 0790369899

Our Vision

“We determined our vision as the slogan says ‘’Everywhere a human being is…’’. Departing from this slogan we saw the human being as the greatest value. That’s why we are touching the human life with natural, high quality and healthy products.

Message of CEO

When we were starting our adventure, we said that the ones who have small dreams can not think bigger and we dreamed bigger. For this reason, our greatest target is to spread our products all around the world. We desired it and we believed our desire. MINGRUP is the story of faith. We determined our vision as ‘’Everywhere a human being is…’’ Departing from this motto we saw the human being as the greatest value. We believed and we trusted ourselves. There is no reason not to accomplish this mission for our people. WE KNOW THAT WE ARE WHAT WE BELIEVE.) Mahmut ŞANLI / Chairman of the Board

Support & Services

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Our virtual store is designed for you to get the best technical service. We have the virtual POS of all the banks.

Our substructure with our money point system, shopping checks and advised promotion system is prepared for you.


Our Products

Our Team

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